Post-48 – Utility Coordination (Part 6)

For the past five weeks we have been looking at the Utility Coordination aspects of Subsurface Utility Engineering. Today we will continue doing that and will hear from Mike Woods, T2 Utility Engineers’ vice-president for the northern states. Mike has been involved in both Utility Coordination and SUE since the late 1990s and always has some good things to say about his chosen profession. 


“Coming from the Virginia DOT, I was well aware of the important link between Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Coordination. I have continued to use that mindset when speaking with clients about managing utility risk. Matching the utility risk of a project with the SUE scope should be done through the eyes of Utility Coordination. Sometimes lost in our industry is our role as consultant to our clients. Good Utility Coordination early in the process can lead to a reduction in the scope of SUE, due to identifying the existing utility infrastructure on the overall design.  Over-scoping a SUE investigation often leaves a client with the feeling that SUE is too expensive. UC plays an important role in proper SUE scoping. While sometimes we may be forced into a scope due to RFP requirements, it is incumbent on Subsurface Utility Engineering providers to act as the first line of Utility Coordination for our clients. With the emergence of 3D modeling and other advances in design platforms, it is even more incumbent on SUE providers to scope projects to be cost effective.  The use of 3D utility models like the one shown in the picture should be carefully considered to match the cost benefit analysis with the utility risk to the project.”

Next week we will hear from another SUE/UC professional. 

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