4Sight is a niche consulting firm focused on providing Utility Engineering services. We have experience working with all client types from small municipalities to the large government agencies.  We have established partnerships with a variety of other firms to allow us the flexibility to handle all sizes of projects.

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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Utilizing a variety of data sources, 4Sight can create a complete comprehensive map of the utility networks on your project. Mapping is done in accordance with ASCE 38 using a variety of techniques including records research, pipe and cable locators, EM-surveys, sondes, CCTV and vacuum excavation. Utility Drawings can be provided in different CAD formats to suit your project requirements.

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Utility Coordination

4Sight can simplify a project’s utility relocation requirements by providing one central contact for all relocation efforts. Our professionals manage all of the utility processes and procedures associated with utility relocating, negotiating design adjustments, and minimizing relocation requirements.

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Utility Design

4Sight has the expertise to design a variety of utility infrastructure. Key focus areas are relocations, protection strategies and new builds. Primary areas of expertise include telecommunication design and gas distribution design.

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