About Us

At 4Sight our focus is on People.  We are building a dynamic group of dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields and enjoy sharing their passion and knowledge with our clients.  Meet our team.

Lawrence Arcand, P.Eng, P.E - President and Founder

Mr. Arcand is a Professional Engineer with 23 years of work experience and is sought after on numerous large infrastructure projects for his technical expertise in Utility Engineering – including Subsurface Utility Engineering, Utility Coordination and Utility Design.  He has experience working in both a technical and managerial role on large projects with a variety of government and private sector clients throughout Canada and the USA.

Mr. Arcand was part of the consultant team that helped develop the Region of Durham’s Utility Coordination Manual.  The manual was developed using the TAC.  Mr. Arcand chaired that committee that developed the “TAC - Guideline for the Coordination of Utility Relocations” that was used as a seed document for the Region’s manual.

During his downtime, Lawrence enjoys spending time in arenas either behind the bench as a coach for his kids teams or putting on the skate to join his own hockey.  After time in a cold arena he likes to come home and relax in his sauna.

Josh Cowan, C.Tech - Sr. Project Manager

Josh is a Certified Technologist with OACETT in the province of Ontario with over 13 years of industry experience. Josh is a member of the UESI SUE & Investigation Committee. Josh has extensive experience in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), including designating utilities, air-vac and hydro-vac test holes, survey, drafting in AutoCAD and MicroStation, project coordination, project management and has spent several years as a CAD committee lead.

Josh has completed several large-scale SUE projects with complex existing utility infrastructure, acting as the project manager and responsible for delivery of SUE drawings and reports.

In his downtime Josh enjoys boating with family, is an avid gamer and loves to hit the long ball on the baseball diamond!

Scott Schreiber, DPT - SUE Field Lead

Scott has worked in the Subsurface Utility industry in various forms for over 13 years. His experience includes, public and private utility locating, near-surface geophysics and Subsurface Utility Engineering. Scott is a recognized Damage Prevention Technician (DPT) and has held positions on various committees through the ORCGA. Scott has extensive experience in managing large scale SUE projects, in-depth Geophysics investigations and has specializes in intricate utility locate scenarios both on public and private property, as well as drafting n AutoCAD or processing complex Geophysical data. Scott has spent much of his career supervising CCTV and hydro-vac teams and training the utility locating practice to both large and small scaled groups.

When not working in the field Scott continues to enjoy his time outdoors by canoeing, fishing, or hiking with his wife and sons.

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If you are interested in joining the team, or having us work with you on an upcoming project, call us at 905-424-1959 or e-mail at Lawrence.Arcand@4SightUE.com.

We look forward to talking to you and sharing our passion with you!