Utility Coordination

The team of professionals at 4Sight Utility Engineers (4Sight) has observed over the years that transit, municipal and development projects across Canada have been significantly delayed by utility challenges. The 4Sight staff has learned from experience to anticipate the complexity of potential problems associated with utility coordination and has become well equipped to solve these issues for their clients.  For example, the professionals at 4Sight have recognized that these utility hurdles have jeopardized the overall timing of the project delivery as well as the existing active utility network.  Not only has the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) Sector been impacted by the loss of essential utility services, but local residences have also become equally at risk for losing their services.  To address these utility relocation threats, the professionals at 4Sight have used their hands-on experience in the Utility Design/Project Design/Construction Phases to successfully navigate a project through the utility coordination process .  Specifically, the UC Team at 4Sight is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who have a wealth of experience in major utility coordination roles on large-scale, complex, multi-billion-dollar projects in Canada.  Additionally, the success of the 4Sight UC Team rests not only at the Project Level but also at the Program Level where our professionals have authored and published several utility coordination manuals at the national, provincial, and municipal levels.

In summary, the 4Sight UC Team has the hands-on experience and expertise to confidently handle all aspects of UC by developing a custom UC program with associated processes, by providing solutions to the utility coordination challenges, and by mitigating the utility risks associated with project delays.

Use 4Sight to stay ahead of the curve.


Utility Design Phase

Utility ENGINEERING Services

  • Prepare and update the Composite Utility Plans that show utility and project information;
  • Prepare profiles and cross sections at existing and proposed key locations;
  • Identify all potential known utility conflicts associated with the project;
  • Identify opportunities to reduce the scope of utility impacts through project design modifications;
  • Review Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Data to determine suitability for the project and recommend additional investigations to aid in utility conflict identification;
  • Create and update the Utility Conflict Matrix that captures all potential known utility conflicts;
  • Prepare the Utility Conflict Resolution Strategy Analysis (Relocation, Protection, Design Alteration, No Relocation);
  • Create and update the Utility Relocation Matrix to track each utility conflict that requires a relocation;
  • Prepare the Relocation and Protection Designs via consultation with the various utility companies and their consultants;
  • Review the Proposed Utility Relocation and Third-Party Utility Designs to confirm conformance with the Project Design and applicable standards.



  • Review and implement existing UC Manual for clients;
  • Schedule, chair and minute project related UC meetings;
  • Develop, update and track the Utility Coordination Schedule in consultation with the project owner and impacted utility companies plus track all required permits;
  • Prepare, update and maintain the Utility Construction Coordination/Work Plans that outline the relocation sequence for the project;
  • Liaise with the project and utility design team to ensure key design information is shared;
  • Review the estimates by utility companies and make recommendations for Purchase Order issuance.

Utility Construction Phase

Utility ENGINEERING Services

  • Prepare the Utility Construction Layout;
  • Provide the field documentation on utility installations for utility “As-Built” Drawings;
  • Review the Utility Company “As-Built” Drawings;
  • Conduct field inspections on utility relocations.



  • Schedule, chair and minute the Utility Pre-Construction and Construction Progress Meetings;
  • Track and update the Utility Coordination Schedule – Construction Phase;
  • Track and update the Utility Construction Coordination Plan;
  • Develop and lead the Utility Field Conflict Resolution Process;
  • Review the Utility Invoices for accuracy and compliance to cost-sharing agreements;
  • Lead the resolution of invoicing disputes;
  • Make recommendations for utility invoice payments.


UC Services - Program Level

The UC Team at 4Sight can effectively and efficiently deliver the following UC Services:

  • Develop and implement the UC Manual with repeatable Processes and Procedures;
  • Communicate the project status at the Monthly Manager Meetings and Annual Sr. Management Meeting;
  • Provide the Program Level UC Summary Schedules;
  • Prepare the Program Level Utility Cost Analysis Report(s);
  • Develop and report the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

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