A Guide for the Accommodation of Utilities within Freeway Rights-of-Way (2011)

This guide is intended to help road authorities establish and administer guidelines for accommodating Utilities with the Freeway Right-of-Way. There guide is applicable for Canada although it is a very good reference to compare with other similar guidelines such as the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) – A Guide for Accommodating Utilities within Highway Right-of-Way and the US Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) – Highway Utility Guide.

The guide provides a clear distinction between how to handle existing and new facilities. For new facilities, it states that new utilities should not be installed longitudinally within the right-of-way unless there are exceptional circumstances. Some examples of exceptional circumstances would include where alternatives are not available or are cost prohibitive, and when running it outside the ROW would result in a loss of productive agriculture land.   In all scenarios it cannot interfere with the safety or function of the freeway.

At locations where utilities must cross the freeway it is recommended that they be done perpendicular to the freeway. Ideally this is done at the same location as a crossing road so that it can be serviced from the roadway and not the freeway. The guide provides provisions for both Aerial and Underground crossings.

In the next guidelines we will cover – “Guidelines for Underground Utility Installations Crossing Highway Rights-of-Way” – there are more detailed specs about the taking it from a operating principal to providing technical specifications.

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