Guidelines for the Coordination of Utility Relocations (2016)

Published in 2016, this guideline has been used by several Municipalities and Government agencies to help produce or update their own Utility Coordination Guidelines and that is exactly what it was meant to do!!!

The guideline is written from the perspective of a roadway owner completing a Design-Bid-Build project. It is focused on DBB, however it can be used for a variety of different projects, far beyond just roadways.

The guideline is very neatly laid out with both a written component and a flow chart. The flow chart provides a simplevisual summary of all the different phases of a project (Planning, Design, Construction and Post Construction) and what each stakeholder should be responsible for at each of one of the phases.

The written component of the guideline provides insights into the roles of each of the stakeholder on a project – Owner/Road Authority, Utility Coordinator, Designer, Utility Agencies, Other Authorities. It provides more of details that cannot be covered in the simple flow chart, but at the same time, relates back to the flow chart by connecting with each of the aspects within it.

This guideline is a must read for any engineer / designer that works on projects that are impacted by Utilities. Whether you work on the owner’s side, consultants side, Utilities side or Contractors side there is a ton of great material to learn.

If you want to download a FREE copy from the TAC website you can click here.