Utility Coordination

Lawrence Arcand, founder of 4Sight, helped to lead the publication of Utility Coordination guidelines in Canada.  Lawrence Arcand is chair of the Transportation Association of Canada's - Public Utilities Management Subcommittee.  The Public Utilities Management Subcommittee published the published the "Guideline for the Coordination of Utility Relocations" in 2018 and will be publishing the PPP version of the guideline in 2020.  These guidelines have been used by numerous organizations to develop their own specific Utility Coordination Manuals.  Lawrence was a consultant on the development on many of these manuals, including the Region of Durham and Alberta Transportation.  4Sight can help clients with specific Utility Coordination requirements for particular projects or the development of their overall Utility Coordination program or processes.

UC Services - During Design

  • Review of clients Utility Coordination Manual
  • Scheduling and Leading of Utility Coordination meetings.
  • Preparation of Composite Utility Plans showing utility information.
  • Preparation of cross sections at existing and proposed key features.
  • Creation of Utility Conflict Matrix, as well and updating and maintaining throughout the project design phases.
  • Identification of Utility Conflict resolution strategies (Relocation, Protection, Alteration of Design).
  • Review of SUE data to determine suitability for project and make suggestions for addition investigations were necessary.
  • Creation of Utility Relocation Matrix to track each conflict identified as requiring a relocation.
  • Completion of relocation or protection designs, via consultation with the various utility companies and their consultants.
  • Development of a Relocation Schedules via consultation with utility companies, and tracking of progress of the relocation designs.
  • Preparation of Utility Coordination Plans showing the complex relocation sequencing.  Updating and maintaining the Utility Coordination Plan.
  • Coordination with design teams to share key design information with the Utility Companies.
  • Review of third Party Utility Designs to confirm conformance with the overall project design.
  • Identification of options to make the primary design more efficient and avoid potential Utility impacts.
  • Coordination and review of proposed utility relocation designs required for the relocation of utilities to meet the needs of the project.
  • Development of Utility relocation cost estimates.
  • Tracking of Utility company Relocation Permits.

UC Services - During Construction

  • Scheduling and Leading of Utility Pre-Construction Meetings.
  • Scheduling and Leading of Utility Relocation Construction Meetings.
  • Field Inspection and tracking of Utility Relocations and documentation of As-Built drawings.
  • Development of Utility Field Conflict Resolution Processes for the project.
  • Resolution of unknown conflicts discovered during construction.
  • Updating of Utility Relocation Schedule.
  • Updating of Utility Coordination Plan.
  • Review of Utility Company As-built records.
  • Review of Utility invoices prior to payments.

UC Services - Program Level

Lawrence Arcand has worked with various government agencies and municipalities to develop proven and effective Utility Coordination processes that can be used for their projects.  We can help you develop a Utility Coordination Manual, setting up a Public Utility Coordination Committee or assist in any way to help manage your Utility Risks.



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